Order Custom Made Rulers For Higher Efficiency

cvcIf you are an architect or associated with a profession that demands the use of rulers and measuring devices then you would understand how much your work depends upon the quality of these devices. Along with that, it might have happened with you that you felt the standard ruler does not satisfy your purposes and you might need some additional features in the ruler that you are using. On both these counts, it is now possible to get what you desire.

Companies such as Schlenker Enterprises Ltd provide custom made rulers and ruler related products. This company has been in business since 1977 and they have been able to establish a track record of supplying products that are of the best quality. Whether you need the rulers for a mechanical purpose or an electrical or electronic component, you can trust to get the kind of product you need with them. Since they take orders for custom made products you can place an order for the kind of ruler you want, with specifications including the length or the diameter and metrics. So the next time you feel the need to buy a triangular ruler or an architectural scale ruler you know there is a company that adheres to high standards of efficiency.

This stands true for all kinds of rulers such as an architect scale ruler or even a steel ruler. They provide standard and custom made rulers along with other measuring devices. If you own a company then you can get logo rulers as a part of your branding process. Likewise, it is possible for a person to order personalized rulers. The fact that you can get calibrated certified rulers which are traceable to NIST speak of the quality assurance that you would get from such companies and manufacturers. Apart from these standard types of rulers other items available with them include protractor and gauges and also digital calipers.

When you order a custom made ruler you can also specify the material that you want to be used for making it like stainless steel, brass or even tempered steel. You can define the kind of finish and color you want. This would be another way you can personalize your equipment. Many people also prefer to get rulers of different kinds and colors and they use the color to code them and put them in different categories. This makes identification and selection of the right equipment easier. If you are aware of your needs then you can call in for a quotation, and you would see that the prices would be much less than what you would get from other suppliers.

In case of customized rulers you can place an order for custom folding rulers, tool joint identifiers, medical rulers, promotional rulers and even architect/ratio scale rulers. Promotional rulers are an excellent choice for a branding exercise and you can also get your logo on any other custom made ruler you order.

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Pure White Light: The Great Challenge of LED Lighting in Pakistan

Get more pure white light is one of the major objectives of the industry LED lighting in Pakistan. Until now this has been achieved with the combination of LEDs that emit light of different colors, so that properly positioning the red, green and blue pixels, the result is a white light. Another possibility is to use to obtain phosphorus for converting light from a blue LED blank.
However, this way of achieving have advantages and disadvantages. By combining the different colored LEDs can adjust the character of the light emitted by each of them, but this is a high production cost. In the case of using phosphorus, Color Rendering Index (an international system to measure the ability of a light source to reproduce colors accurately) is very high and the cost is lower, but the conversion of phosphorus decreases the efficiency of the device.
In search of greater efficiency
The lighting industry, which has always opted to seek ever more efficient solutions, has continued his research to overcome these obstacles. Today, thanks to the work of physicists at the University of Utah in Salt Lake City, United States, it is becoming more feasible to get a more pure white light. To do this, they have created a polymer with platinum particles can emit light of different colors.
The evolution of LEDs
In the seventies, Valy Valderny (A researcher) began producing LED industrially. Occurred only red, green and yellow. To achieve these colors, in the case of the green light phosphide or gallium nitride, is used either as the wavelength for the red light and the aluminum gallium arsenide, and the gallium phosphide arsenide yellow. At first the use of LED technology was limited to remote controls or appliances to indicate power or shutdown due to low power.
Investigations continued and in 1993 another milestone took place in LED technology. The Japanese scientist Shuji Nakamura invented the first chip capable of generating blue light using gallium nitride. This was the first step for a white LED, since as explained above, by coating a blue LED with white phosphorus was achieved. The steps taken now by the team of Valy Valderny to get a pure white light, probably will mean another milestone for LED technology, thanks to its efficiency has spread throughout the world.
Interior lighting
However, if we choose LED lights in Pakistan for interior, white light is a possibility that may be appropriate if we want to increase the concentration of people. However, it is necessary to do a study to analyze site conditions brighten.
Factors to consider in good lighting:
The color temperature, which is measured with a meter, is important in illuminating a room. If you want to stay warm will give a feeling that predominate LED light, however, if we want this to be cold, will have to be blue or white. Of course, this measurement is applied only to white light.

It is also necessary to analyze the color rendering index, which is an international system to measure the ability of a light source to faithfully reproduce colors. The power of the light source is another factor to consider, and the luminous efficiency, which is the ratio between the luminous flux in lumens emitted by a light source and wattage.
If we perform a site survey to light, considering these factors get that LED technology effectively meets our needs. We must also consider the lighting LEDs have a long life, energy saving, CO2 emissions are very low and are more resistant than traditional lamps.

The Advantages of Led Lamp

The Advantages of Led Lamp

Save Energy Efficiently
That it works for one thousand hours only consumes a few degrees of power (that 60W ordinary incandescent works for seventeen hours consumes one degree of power, and that 10W ordinary Energy-saving lamps works for one hundred hours consumes one degree of power), low-voltage drive, ultra-functional (single tube 0.05W). The efficiency of total luminous conversion is close to 98%, and LED lighting save energy 60% -80% than traditional energy-saving lighting, can be installed flexibly, and it is durable and reliable.

Long Lifespan
Semiconductor chip illumines, no filament, no glass bulb, and is not afraid of shock, and not broken easy. The lifespan is 30,000 to 50,000 hours (the lifespan of ordinary incandescent is only one thousand hours, and the lifespan of ordinary Energy-saving lamps is only eight thousand hours), which is 30 times the lifespan of ordinary light bulb, equivalent to uninterrupted illumination for three years.

Healthy light of led fixtures and lamps does not contain ultraviolet and infrared, and does not produce radiation (ordinary light contains ultraviolet and infrared).

Led lampen does not contain mercury and xenon and other harmful elements, and is conducive to recovery, but does not produce electromagnetic interference (ordinary lamp contains mercury and lead, and other elements, and electronic ballast of energy-saving lamp will produce electromagnetic interference). LED does not contain mercury, has no pollution. As we know, fluorescent lights contains mercury. Fluorescent glass is once broken, it will pollute the surrounding air. Mercury is a toxic substance. When mercury vapor reaches 0.04-3mg, people will be chronic poisoning within 2-3 months, while the LED lampe does not contain any toxic substances, and is completely environmental-friendly and non-polluting.

Protect Eyesight
Led lighting is DC drive, and has no strobe (normal lights are AC drive, and will inevitably produce strobe)

High Safety Factor
Smaller voltage and current required, less fever, no security risk.
High Light Efficiency
Led lamp produces less fever, and 90% of electrical energy converts to visible light (to ordinary incandescent, 80% of electrical energy convert to heat, only 20% of electrical energy converts to light energy)

Great Potential Market
Low-voltage, DC power supply, battery and solar power supply.

In the field of LED lamp, Shenzhen Syhdee Manufactory Co. Ltd is in the top three of LED lighting industry. Since 2010, the company began to focus on the manufacture and design of LED tube. Since 2010, the LED lamp light products of Syhdee are applied to the domestic and foreign projects successfully, and customer professional recognition laid foundation of market position. LED light lamps program of Syhdee becomes the safest LED lamp program in the minds of customers.

Custom Made Rulers Now Available

Companies and professionals that make use of rulers and scales as well as other measuring devices would understand how important it is that these devices or equipment should be accurate and precise. In fact, it would not be wrong to say that the success of their work in a way depends upon the quality of these rulers. For this reason, when you go out to make a purchase for architect scale ruler or even for a triangular ruler you need to be conscious of the company which has manufactured them. Companies such as Schlenker Enterprises Ltd are very reliable and they offer many different choices for a buyer. You can buy in bulk from them or place an order for individual items as well.

Here, you would be able to get precise and accurate rulers such as medical rulers, industrial stainless steel rulers and also aluminum and brass rulers. Apart from these standard types of rulers other items available with them include protractor and gauges and also digital calipers. Basically this company can be your one stop destination for all kinds of measuring devices. Fulfilment of the condition of accuracy is very important and so you should pay attention to the manufacturer or supplier that you select. So the next time you feel the need to buy a triangular ruler or an architectural scale ruler, you should make sure that you make your purchase from or place your order at with a company that has a proven track record of supplying rulers of the highest quality like Schlenker Enterprises Ltd.

In many cases people prefer to get ruler custom made as per their specifications so that they can get rulers which fulfil their needs. This is a very good idea because you would find an increase in the level of your proficiency and you would also save a lot of time. Custom rulers can be ordered to serve various purposes like the need to have a larger diameter or a longer ruler to work on larger sheets. This is specifically the case with engineering ruler scales where you need to make markings for designs and so on and off you need a longer ruler. Apart from this, you can also get personalized rulers which bear your name or any symbol that you believe is associated with you. Companies also frequently get logo rulers made as a part of their branding process.

You can specify the length of the ruler that you want or the diameter of the dial when you place or order and also specify any other requirement that you may have. The ruler can be made with Vernier graduations or regular graduations or can even sport both. You would not need to specify a minimum quantity for the manufacture of the custom rulers and the delivery would be made to you within a period of 6 to 8 weeks. In case you need an early delivery then that can be ensured at the payment of a premium price.

Why Buy Refurbished Items?

Refurbished electronics and gadgets are fast becoming popular as there are loads of benefits that one gets from buying them. Here is a quick over view of what refurbished items are.

When we think about or hear of refurbished products, items and electronics, we always assume that these are items that are either restored or reworked to their original working condition. This is in fact just one part of it; the term Refurbished Phones also means and involves other things as well.

Those consumer goods that have been returned by the consumers also counts as refurbished goods. Refurbished items aren’t always those that have something wrong with them. These items may have been returned for a number of reasons; for example, the consumer may have changed his mind over buying Mobile Phone Accessories. Sometimes consumers may have returned unused products, in such instances the store will simply reseal the product and then sell it as a refurbished item with a reduced cost.

Certain products may also get damaged during shipping; manufacturers may simply repair the phones and then sell them as Refurbished Phones or any other product. Despite the form of refurbishment, the product is sold as a fresh one, where consumers can buy them at a reduced cost.

Many products are used as models in product demonstration. Many retail stores will, for example, place very high discounts on the prices of Mobile Phone Accessories demonstration model. These products are used in the demonstration as their factory packaging was left unsealed or open, these products may also acquire small scratches while on display. All these factors also affect the final price of the product. Some retail stores may use sale items as demonstration products and will also reseal and sanitizes the package before selling them to the customer.

All Refurbished Phones will come with an additional warranty as they are imperfect in some way. Many stores specializing in the sale of refurbished items will also offer a return policy on the products that can be anywhere between ten to thirty days. Some may also offer free service agreement that is pretty similar to the service contracts that you get with new products.

The real advantage of refurbished items and Mobile Phone Accessories is that they are a great bargain for customers. The defects that they may have are usually cosmetic and are small and unnoticeable. Some refurbished items may be older product models that have been revamped at the manufacturer’s factory. These products will have a quality that the same as new items but will cost much less than their original prices.

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